Danish films to Montreal

Montreal World Film Festival, opening 27 August, have selected four Danish films.

Morten Giese's feature film debut "Love & Rage" will receive its international premiere in the Official Competition, Annette K. Olesen's drama "Little Soldier" will screen in World Greats (out of competition) programme and Kathrine Windfeld's political thriller "The Escape" and Daniel Borgman's short film "Lars and Peter" are selected for Focus on World Cinema.

"Love & Rage", a youth drama, is about a young career pianist (Cyron Melville) who falls in love and experiences all-consuming jealousy. The film is produced by Mikael Olsen for Zentropa. The director Morten Giese, editor of Per Fly's awardwinning societal trilogy ("The Bench", "Inheritance" and "Manslaughter"), signed the short films "The Boy Below" and "My Dad is a Champ", the latter selected for Berlin.

"Little Soldier", a drama about a returned female soldier, won the Ecumenical Main Prize in Berlin this year. This is another production from Zentropa; and like all Annette K. Olesen's films, produced by Ib Tardini.

"The Escape", a feature film debut, was selected for the main programme at Göteborg this year. Morten Kaufmann produced for Nimbus.

The short fiction film "Lars and Peter", produced by Katja Adomeit for the companies twolittleghosts and Zentropa, was selected for the Short Film Competition, Cannes 2009.