Danish films strong at the box office

Press Release05.09.2003
Two million cinema-goers
saw Danish films during the first six months of 2003 compared to 1.3
million in the same period 2002. On an average, Danish films were seen by
twice as many cinema-goers as a US-made film during the first half year
2003: Thirteen Danish feature films were released, the average number of
tickets sold per film was 156,000, while the corresponding figures for US
films were 50 releases, 3.4 million cinema-goers, and an average number of
admissions of 68,000 per film.
In comparison to the
same period in 2002 the total number of admissions increased by 1 percent
to 6.3 million tickets in 2003 with a national market share of 32 percent.
The top box-office draws were "The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"
(581,000) and the James Bond film "Die Another Day" (458,000). These films
were followed by Danish titles: Per Fly and Zentropa's "The Inheritance"
(369,000) and Charlotte Sachs Bostrup and Grasten's "Anja After Viktor"
(339,000) which edged out US-made "The Matrix: Reloaded" (318,000), while
Anders Thomas Jensen and M&M's "The Green Butchers" (223,000) preceded
US-made "X-Men 2".
Another five Danish
films, each with admissions over 100,000, appeared among the top-twenty
chart for the first half year 2003: Morten Arnfred and Nordisk Film's
"Move Me", Natasha Arthy and Nimbus Film's "Old, New, Borrowed and Blue",
Charlotte Sachs Bostrup and Grasten's "Cinder Rock'n Rella", Henrik Ruben
Genz and Nordisk Film's "Someone Like Hodder" as well as Carsten Myllerup
and Cosmo's "Midsummer".
National titles are also
doing well in other media: The latest weekly figures for video and DVD
rentals in Denmark show that three Danish films, "Inheritance", "Old, New,
Borrowed and Blue" and "Midsummer", are among the top five
All figures are based on
the half-year report from Statistics Denmark.
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