Danish Footprint on Festivals 2009

Danish films left their footprint on the international scene in 2009. Practically every film festival, large and small, selected Danish films for its programme. In all, Danish films brought home an impressive 118 awards and honours.

Anders Østergaard and Magic Hour Film's documentary ”” a Joris Ivens winner and Oscar nomination contender ”” "Burma VJ" performed extraordinarily, selected for CPH:DOX and Sundance, the film has won over 40 international awards. The Berlinale saw Annette K. Olesen's "Little Soldier" in the main competition and Lotte Svendsen's "Max Embarrassing" took a bow in Generation with a Special Mention. Debuting Heidi Maria Faisst's "The Blessing" was selected for Rotterdam, while Lars von Trier's "Antichrist" won Cannes' Best Actress Award for Charlotte Gainsbourg. Only weeks went by and Danish actress Paprika Steen swept up the same award at Karlovy Vary for her acclaimed performance in "Applause".

Nicolas Winding Refn carried on the honours with his "Valhalla Rising", which embellished Venice' Midnight Screening. And Toronto this year selected all of five Danish features, including Ole Bornedal's "Deliver us from Evil" in which we see human nature driven beserk. Rome invited Nicolo Donato's debut "Brotherhood", which took home the festival's top award and another award to boot. In November Amsterdam took on a record selection of Danish films, 11 in all, including Miki Mistrati & Nagieb Khaja's "Accidental Terrorist". Andreas Koefoed's "Albert's Winter" and Katrine Philp's "Book of Miri"
”” these three were nominated in awards programmes.


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