Danish line-up in Seattle

Seven Danish titles are among the 392 films presented during the Seattle International Film Festival (21 May-14 June), the largest film festival in the US.

Annette K. Olesen's "Little Soldier" and Kathrine Windfeld's "The Escape" are presented to a North American audience for the first time, and also showcased over the course of the 25-day festival are Kristian Levring's "Fear Me Not", Ole Christian Madsen's "Flame & Citron", Henrik Ruben Genz' Karlovy Vary winner "Terribly Happy" and Anders Østergaard's IDFA champion "Burma VJ" – as well as the short film "Make My Day" by Pelle Møller.Read about the feature directors and their films in recent interviews in the Danish Film Institute's magazine FILM#:

Annette K. Olesen's "Little Soldier"
Real life is always another story Kathrine Windfeld's "The Escape"
Politics and emotions Ole Christian Madsen's "Flame & Citron"
Fiction in the service of truthKristian Levring's "Fear Me Not"
Power game in an ice-cold world

Henrik Ruben Genz' "Terribly Happy"
Reality bores me


Ander Østergaard's "Burma VJ – Reporting from a Closed Country"Barefoot reporter in Burma
News brief only - not released as newsletter