Danish lineup in Rotterdam

During twelve festival days the Dutch city will be buzzing with new talents and venturous auteurs. Four films are in the Danish lineup at the International Film Festival Rotterdam, two of which will be competing for a VPRO Tiger Award.

In recent years, Danish feature film debuts have made their mark in Rotterdam.

In 2007, Morten Hartz Kaplers' mockumentary "AFR" took home one of the three top prizes in the Tiger Awards Competition, and the achievement was repeated the following year with Omar Shargawi and Zentropa's "Go With Peace Jamil".

Image from Danish feature film R, Photo by Per Anders Jörgensen 

Director duo in Tiger competition

This year's Danish candidate to a VPRO Tiger Award in feature films is Michael Noer and Tobias Lindholm's "R", a no less striking debut portraying the harsh realities of prison life. The duo Noer, a documentary filmmaker, and Lindholm, a scriptwriter, are both graduates from the National Film School of Denmark. "R" is produced by René Ezra and Tomas Radoor for Nordisk Film (see screening schedule top right).


In the Tiger Awards Competition for short films is Birgitte Stærmose's "Out of Love". Fusing documentary and fiction, the film zooms in on children's lives in Pristina and tells their gripping stories in the aftermath of war in Kosovo. "Out of Love", produced by Jesper Morthorst for Alphaville Pictures, is also selected for Berlin 2010.


DFI Factsheets
Out of Love
Valhalla Rising
Black Heart 

Screening schedule for "R"
Sat 30 Jan 19.00
Sun 31 Jan 22.00
Tue 02 Feb 13.30
Sat 06 Feb 22.30

Festival website
Rotterdam International Film Festival, IFFR (27 Jan-07 Feb)

Refn and Mikkelsen teaming up again

"Valhalla Rising" by Nicolas Winding Refn, who lately signed the infamous "Bronson" about Britain's longest-serving criminal, is selected for the Spectrum programme showcasing highlights of the year. Featuring Mads Mikkelsen, the champion of Refn's "Pusher" trilogy, as a one-eyed warrior in an ancient viking setting, "Valhalla Rising" screened to much acclaim in both Venice and Toronto. Produced by Johnny Andersen for One Eye Production.

Also in the Rotterdam lineup is Ada Bligaard Søby's documentary "Black Heart", a film about the 9/11 aftermath experienced through three New Yorkers. Produced by Morten Kjems Juhl for Fine & Mellow and Super16. 
The two Tiger contestants"R" and "Out of Love". Photos by Per Anders Jörgensen and Marek Septimus Wieser