Danish release of A Caretaker's Tale

NEW RELEASE. Katrine Wiedemann's drama "A Caretaker's Tale" opened in Danish cinemas on Thursday 25 October. The film "walks a fine line between exploitation and creativity, but manages to land on the side of art," says Variety. "Strange and difficult," "fascinating", and "intense" says Danish critics.

Katrine Wiedemann's "A Caretaker's Tale" enjoyed its world premiere last month in San Sebastian. Now the film is released to the Danish audience. The film, about a bitter caretaker who finds a young woman with healing sexual powers, receives a mixed reception by the Danish critics, who award 3-4 stars out of six.

"A Caretaker's Tale" is a peculiar film. A fable of the prodigal modern man's yearning for salvation and hope. But only for themselves. A humanity that has forgotten to think of others, and thus even the sweetest hope has a sour aftertaste," writes Louise Kidde Sauntved from Berlingske and gives 3 stars.

"Could hardly be odder… but still stands out as an interesting and different piece in an otherwise increasingly conformist Danish film landscape," writes Frederik Asschenfeldt Vandrup from Metroexpress and gives 4 stars.

"A fascinating film that - being so evocative - probably will linger for quite a while," writes BT's Steffen Jungersen and awards 4 stars.

"Mikkelsen is outstanding. There is an intense, naked presence in every one of his scenes with the angelic girl," writes Erik Jensen from Politiken and gives 4 stars.

International praise

"A Caretaker's Tale" recently screened at the Chicago International Film Festival, where it got a very good review from Variety's Alissa Simon:

"Playing far better than it describes, and not without humor, this controversial drama, shot in a gritty, handheld style reminiscent of Dogma 95 pics, won't be to all tastes but is certain to generate conversation. … The screenplay by the prolific, versatile Kim Fupz Aakeson walks a fine line between exploitation and creativity, but manages to land on the side of art…. Wiedemann, better known as a theater helmer, avoids moralizing about the story's premise. Her strong visuals and the spot-on thesping suggest reams of information without words; Mikkelsen is excellent, and Zangenberg is extraordinary and fully exposed in a difficult, wordless role." Read review

About "A Caretaker's Tale"

"A Caretaker's Tale" tells the story of Per, a harsh and bitter caretaker with a lowlife son who just got out of prison and two pathetic friends he bosses around. One day he discovers a young beautiful woman lying naked in an empty apartment, wrapped in a curtain. Apparently she's up for grabs. The girl is happy and willing – almost like a gift from above. Per brings her home to his own apartment, and her innocence awakens something new in him and his friends – love perhaps?

"A Caretaker's Tale" stars Lars Mikkelsen and Julie Zangenberg. The film is written by Kim Fupz Aakeson and produced by Ib Tardini and Vinca Wiedemann for Zentropa Entertainments with support from The Danish Film Institute. TrustNordisk handles international sales and Nordisk Film domestic distribution.

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