Danish Silent Film Classics on DVD

A selection of Danish silent film classics have been restored and are available for purchase online at the Danish Film Institute's Book & Video Shop.

The selection includes films by internationally renowned director Carl Th. Dreyer; the charismatic actor-director Benjamin Christensen; and films starring Denmark's most prominent actors of the silent period: actor Valdemar Psilander and actress Asta Nielsen.

Furthermore, some 70 short films show Danish events and people during the period 1899-1913.

A total of nine DVDs are available at the present time, while two more will be ready for sale in the coming months. These include films by Holger-Madsen ("Himmelskibet", 1918), August Blom ("Verdens undergang"/"The End of the World", 1916) and Carl Th. Dreyer ("Blade af Satan's Bog"/"Leaves from Satan's Book", 1921).

The launch of these productions is the conclusion of a project at the DFI Film Archive, which began in 2003, when the Ministry of Culture allocated 1 million DKK for the purpose of digitization of national film classics from the silent period. Filmkopi, Nordisk Film Fund, and Nordisk Film also supported the project. One of the aims of the project is to illuminate the masterpieces of and significant trends in Danish silent film heritage.

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