'Danish Wave' opens in Moscow

Press release05.04.2003
The 'Danish Wave'
has arrived in Moscow after touring in Paris, London and Berlin
during the autumn and winter. This event - organized by the Danish Film
Institute (DFI) and the Royal Danish Embassy in collaboration with Cinema
35 mm and Muzei Kino - will take place from 5-27 April.
Russians will have an
opportunity to view 20 Danish films, most of them recent works, but
also important film classics by Carl Th. Dreyer, Henning Carlsen and
Jørgen Leth. Danish film directors, Morten Arnfred, Tómas Gislason and
Anders Thomas Jensen, as well as writer and politician Ole Sohn have been
invited to introduce their works.
At the accompanying
seminars on 11-12 April, which will deal with method, teamwork, financing,
co-productions and subsidy schemes, Mogens Rukov (lecturer at the National
Film School of Denmark), Henning Camre (CEO of the DFI), Susanne Bier
(film director), Per Fly (film director) and Vinca Wiedemann (DFI Film
Consultant) will discuss with their Russian colleagues recent developments
within cinema in Denmark.
Over the last decade
this country has become known for its productive film community,
effective film legislation, public funding for experimentation, and a
school for film and television that encourages the development of talent.
As a result an innovative sense of style and story-telling has developed
that has increased the audience for Danish films at home and
On 26 April there will
be a special event for children in partnership with LEGO®.
Several Danish children's films will be screened: "Dog &
Fish" (2002, Jannik Hastrup), "Ernst Goes Swimming" and "Ernst at
Tivoli" (2001, Alice de Champfleury, 2001).
Susanne Bier's feature
film "Open Hearts" (2002), also to be released in Russia, will open the
event on the evening of 5 April, together with a screening of "The Bench"
(2000, Per Fly). Other films to be screened are: "Miracle" (2000, Natasha
Arthy), "Wallah Be" (2002, Pia Bovin), "Fear X" (2003, Nicolas Winding
Refn), "Midsummer" (2003, Carsten Myllerup), the first film from Nordisk
Film's 'Director's Cut' programme "Move Me" (2003, Morten Arnfred),
"Kira's Reason - A Love Story" (2001, Ole Christian Madsen), "Maximum
Penalty" (2000, Tómas Gislason), "P.O.V. - Point of View" (2002, Tómas
Gislason), "This Charming Man" (2002, Martin Strange-Hansen), "Wolfgang"
(1997, Anders Thomas Jensen), "Election Night" (1998, Anders Thomas
Jensen), "Ernst and the Light" (1996, Tomas Villum Jensen) and the
classics: Jørgen Leth's "Good and Evil" (1975), Henning Carlsen's
international breakthrough "Hunger" (1966), and Carl Th. Dreyer's film
"Gertrud" (1964).For further
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