Danish WWI drama set to shoot

NEW FEATURE. Kasper Torsting is helming Fridthjof Film’s new epic drama 'War & Love,' based on a true story from World War I.

Filming starts soon for the first-ever World War I-based Danish feature, 'War & Love' (working title), to be directed by Kasper Torsting.

The team describes the film as an "epic romantic drama," whose protagonist Esben fakes his own death to escape from the war and return to his beloved wife, Kirstine, and their son, Karl, after three years of war. But everything has changed in his absence. A charming German officer has taken his place as father of the family and is vying for Kirstine’s heart. Hiding in the attic and witnessing this nightmare, Esben is forced to risk everything to save his life and his family.

Esben will be played by Sebastian Jessen ('While We Live'), and Kristine by Rosalinde Mynster ('A Royal Affair,' 'Darkland'). The cast also features Thure Lindhardt, Natalie Maduenõ and Ulrich Thomsen.

The film is Kasper Torsting’s debut as a feature-film director. Apart from directing documentaries and commercials, he recently created the TV series 'Ø' for Canal+ in France.

Epic realism

"'War & Love' is an epic, brutal romantic drama that asks how far someone is willing to go to save his life, marriage and honour. How much strain can a relationship take?" says Torsting, who also wrote the screenplay.

"'Epic realism' to me involves an ambition to tell a grand narrative that remains firmly rooted in the intimate and authentic. That choice feels right for a story about a person caught between his traditional ideals and the pressures of modern reality."

The crew starts filming in February in Sønderborg, a town on the Danish-German border, where the film will also have its gala premiere in November 2018, marking the centenary of the end of World War I.

German-Danish co-development

Ronnie Fridthjof is producing for Fridthjof Film, with support from the Danish Film Institute. The film is also being funded by Manufacturer Mads Clausen’s Foundation, Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and Creative Europe MEDIA, among others.

The film has received development funding through the German-Danish Co-production Initiative that encourages the cooperation of producers in the region of Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein and those in Denmark to co-develop film projects.

'War & Love' will be released in Danish cinemas on 15 November, via Nordisk Film Distribution.