Debut short to Sundance

FESTIVAL. A tragic childhood event is the dramatic engine in Thor Ochsner's animated short "1989 (When I was five years old)" selected for the 2011 Sundance Film Festival.

An editing student at the National Film School of Denmark, Thor Ochsner is travelling to Sundance in January with his directorial debut, the animated short film "1989 (When I was five years old)".

The director calls his film a reconstruction, mixing animation, documentary and fiction. Five-year-old Thor and his father are driving to the airport to pick up Thor's mother, when the two of them end up in a tragic car accident. This real-life event is the background to "1989", in which the director merges his own childhood drawings with new ones and images shot with his iPhone.

"1989" has previously travelled to the important showcase for Nordic shorts and documentaries at Nordisk Panorama and to Uppsala International Short Film Festival.

Already selected for Sundance is Susanne Bier's feature film "In a Better World". Bier to Sundance and award in Goa

Sundance Film Festival 20-30 January

IMDB: 1989 (When I was five years old)