Deliver Us from Evil and Antichrist to Toronto

Ole Bornedal's "Deliver Us from Evil" and Lars von Trier's "Antichrist" are selected for Toronto International Film Festival.

Deliver Us from Evil in Contemporary World Cinema

The thriller "Deliver Us from Evil", selected for Contemporary World Cinema, marks Ole Bornedal's second film in three years to be chosen for Toronto. Described as a piercing insight into human nature driven berserk, this fable peels off layer after layer of civilized codes of a West Jutland community until all that remains is a cluster of raw primal instincts. Bornedal's last visit to Toronto was in 2007, when his boxoffice success "The Substitute" was selected for Toronto's Sprockets Family Zone.

"Deliver Us from Evil", released in Danish cinemas 3 April 2009, is produced by Michael Obel for Thura Film. International sales are handled by Bavaria Film International.


Deliver Us from Evil
Sales agent Bavaria Film International

Listen to interview: link from this press release
Candid words from Lars von Trier
Listen to interview: BBC/Hardtalk's Zeinab Badawi talks to Dafoe on Hardtalk
When does art become obscentity? 
Sales agent TrustNordisk, contact Susan Wendt

Toronto International Film Festival, TIFF (10-19 Sep 2009)

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Antichrist in Masters

Lars von Trier's "Antichrist" will have its North American premiere in Toronto, where it will screen in the prestigious Masters programme. The provocative images of Danish 'bad boy' Trier would have even impressed Bosch and Breughel, say critics. Nevertheless, Charlotte Gainsbourg took home Cannes' Best Actress award for her role as disturbed spouse and perpetrator of the diabolical, and lead actor Willem Dafoe eloquently stood his ground on BBC's Hardtalk discussing his role in "Antichrist". Distributed throughout Europe in hundreds of prints, the film has reaped solid boxoffice takings, while sales to remaining territories have been concluded. IFC is distributing in North America.

"Antichrist", released in Danish cinemas 20 May 2009, is produced by Meta Louise Foldager for Zentropa. TrustNordisk handle international sales.

Altogether five Danish films to screen at Toronto

Along with "Deliver Us from Evil" and "Antichrist", three other Danish films have already been announced: Nicolas Winding Refn's "Valhalla Rising" is selected for the Special Presentation programme, Martin Pieter Zandvliet's feature film debut "Applause" for Discovery, and finally, Mogens Hagedorn's children's film "Timetrip", also a debuting feature, is selected for Sprockets Family Zone. The selection of Danish films for Toronto 2009 is now concluded.

Also screening in Toronto are three Danish coproductions: Norway's "Max Manus", Iceland's "The Good Heart" and Sweden's feature length documentary "Videocracy".