DFI appoints film consultants

release30.09.2003The Danish Film Institute takes pleasure in
announcing three new appointments at DFI's department for production and
development: Dola Bonfils and Morten Hartkorn have been appointed as short
fiction and documentary consultants, while Nikolaj Scherfig has been
appointed as feature film consultant.Dola
BonfilsDola Bonfils has been making documentaries since 1980.
She has made films for educational purposes, extensive exploratory essays,
cultural programmes for television, and she has also moved into frontier
territory with video installations and experiments at the DFI Film
Workshop. In 1970 she set up Kino Valde, a cinema for short fiction and
documentaries at the Dagmar theatre, which showed a new programme every
two weeks, featuring films from all over the world. For many years she
served as a consultant for Danida (Danish Development Aid), assessing film
applications and selecting films from developing countries for purchase
and distribution; she has also initiated a number of major media projects
in the documentary sphere, including the recently launched "Magtens
Billeder" (Images of power) series for television.Dola Bonfils
will take up her post at the DFI at the beginning of April 2004. She takes
over from Jacob Høgel.
HartkornMorten Hartkorn owns Hartkorn & Co, which
specializes in producing documentaries and campaign films. He also devised
and headed up the "Good narrative and journalism" diploma course at the
Centre for Journalism and Further Education. From 1994 to 1996 he was a
member of the documentary unit at DR TV Danish Broadcasting corporation.
He is a familiar figure in Danish television, for which he produced news
and magazine stories for the DR TV News from 1988 to 1996.Morten
Hartkorn takes up his post as short fiction film and documentary
consultant on 1 October. He takes over from Allan Berg Nielsen.
ScherfigNikolaj Scherfig is a film and television
scriptwriter. He has written a number of features, including "Eye of the
Eagle", and he co-wrote and served as script consultant on many more
productions, including "Pusher" and "The Olsen Gang Junior". He
helped to develop and wrote episodes for two hit TV series, "Taxi" (Taxa)
and "Unit One" (Rejseholdet) for DR TV. His most recent work for TV is
co-writing this year's family advent calendar series for TV 2/Danmark with
Bo hr. Hansen.Nikolaj Scherfig is a graduate in scriptwriting from
the National Film School of Denmark. He has taught at the school since
1995. From 1997 to 2002 he served as chair of the Danish Dramatists'
Guild. He is currently a member of the DFI Short & Documentary Film
Council).Nikolaj Scherfig will take up his position on 1 November
as feature film consultant. He takes over from Morten Grunwald.
In the summer of 2003,
the DFI appointed Lena Hansson as feature film consultant after Vinca
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