DFI film magazine in English on the web

The Danish Film
Institute's 22nd issue of the DFI magazine FILM can be accessed in a
PDF version on DFI's website. A selection of the articles are also
available in HTML format.
The English issues
of FILM are targeted for the Cannes and Amsterdam festival events in May
and December.
A selection of
articles from future Danish issues of the magazine will be translated and
available at the DFI-website.
In the article
"What's Brewing?", FILM #22 gives an overview of some 27 production
companies presently engaged in feature film making in Denmark. Information
on individual feature film titles and their directors is also
LinksPDF version of FILM
#22: http://www.dfi.dk/dfi/english/pdf/film22.pdfDFI's library of articles: http://www.dfi.dk/sitemod/moduler/index_english.asp?pid=1870What's Brewing? Production Companies, Producers, Feature Films: