Dramatic effect rather than neat realism

To get a story, there has to be an accident. That's the engine driving Ole Bornedal's storytelling style in "The Substitute" and "Just Another Love Story" – as well as in his brand new "Deliver Us from Evil", release 3 April.

Ole Bornedal's sixth feature film explores the thin line between good and evil, as the drama is set in motion in the idyllic Danish countryside by, in fact, a traffic accident.

Cast in the main roles are Lasse Rimmer, a well-known radio host and stand-up comedian, and former Aqua singer Lene Nystrøm Rasted.  Ole Bornedal, whose breakthrough "Nightwatch" in 1994 established him as one of the innovative directors of the Danish new wave of the 1990s, has always been attracted to strong visual and dramatic language rather than neat realism. "I like it when a film leaves reality behind. Films are fantastic, exactly because they can do the fantastic," Bornedal says.

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