Dreyer at BFI and NYU

DREYER. First we take Manhattan, then we take BFI. The British Film Institute offers a complete retrospective of Carl Theodor Dreyer's films. Meanwhile, curator Thomas Christensen will discuss preservation and restoration of Dreyer's films at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts.

BFI celebrates Dreyer

"Of the 14 features directed by Carl Dreyer, it's fair to say that at least half a dozen may be rated outright masterpieces. So why is the late and very great Danish director no longer as well known as he deserves to be?"

So asks Geoff Andrew, Head of Film Programme at BFI Southbank, which is why BFI Southbank in London offers a complete retrospective of Dreyer's films 3 - 23 March 2012.

See the film programme "The Passion of Carl Dreyer" and read the introduction by Geoff Andrew at www.bfi.org


The website on the Danish director Carl Theodor Dreyer invites audiences around the world to explore the full extent of Dreyer's ingenious art through a rich collection of original material and fresh perspectives contributed by Danish and international advocates of the filmmaker’s legacy.


The Arts Desk about the Dreyer Season

The Quietus about the Dreyer Season

Presentation about Dreyer's Films at NYU

Curator Thomas Christensen from the Danish Film Institute will discuss film preservation and restoration at the NYU Tisch School of the Arts 7 March 2012. Christensen will illustrate his talk with excerpts from the films on which he has worked, including Carl Th. Dreyer’s "Once upon a Time", "Michael", "Leaves from Satan's Book", "The Bride of Glomdal", and "The Passion of Joan of Arc"

Thomas Christensen is Curator at the Danish Film Institute and Work Package Leader in the European Film Gateway project.
Read more about the event Thomas C. Christensen - Danish Film Heritage Goes Digital