Dreyer Remix

DREYER. See Christina Rosendahl's music video for the Danish band Phonovectra, based on Dreyer's classic short film "They Caught the Ferry". The Danish Film Institute's new Dreyer website went live in May and is continually being updated with new material.

When Christina Rosendahl ("Triple Dare") heard Phonovectra's song "Too Young to Die", she was immediately tuned in to Dreyer's short film "They Caught the Ferry" about a hazardous motor-cycle ride that ends disastrously:

"Both the song and the film are filled with dark warning. Death is lurking – in the film it's speed and recklessness, in the song it's alcohol, drugs and stress. Both tell a moral tale with a morbid twist."

Rosendahl's video is made up of clips from the 12-minute short film from 1948, where the motor-cyclist Sophus and his girl Elvira race along madly to catch the ferry – and end up catching Charon's ferry across the River of Death.  

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