European Film Awards 2003 - Eight nominations for Danish films

Press release13.11.2003
Danish cinema is
strongly represented at this year's European Film Academy Awards
presentation which will take place at a galla in Berlin Saturday 6
December 2003: two feature films, one documentary film, a short fiction
film and an offshore Danish co-production have together received eight
The categories and nominations are as follows:

European Film 2003: "Dogville", directed by Lars von Trier, produced
by Vibeke Windeløv of Zentropa.
European Director 2003: Lars von Trier for "Dogville"
European Screenwriter 2003: Lars von Trier for "Dogville".
European Cinematography 2003: Anthony Dod Mantle for "Dogville"
& "28 Days Later".
European Film Academy Discovery 2003 - Prix Fassbinder:
"Reconstruction" directed by Christoffer Bo, produced by Tine Grew
Pfeiffer, Åke Sandgren, Lars Kjeldgaard of Nordisk Film.
European Film Academy Documentary 2003 - Prix Arte: "The Five
Obstructions" / "De fem benspænd" directed by Jørgen Leth and Lars von
Trier, produced by Carsten Holst of Zentropa Real.
European Film Academy Short Film 2003 - Prix UIP: "Small Avalanches"
/ "Små Skred", directed by Birgitte Stærmose Mortensen, produced by Lise
Lense-Møller of Magic Hour Film.
European Actor 2003: Tomas Lemarquis in "Noi the Albino" / "Nói
Albinói", an Icelandic-German-Danish-British co-production, directed by
Dagur Kári and produced by Zik Zak Filmworks. The Danish co-producers
are Kim Magnusson and Tivi Magnusson of M & M Productions.
Another six awards will be announced at the ceremony: the European Film
Academy Lifetime Achievement Award 2003, the European Achievement in World
Cinema 2003, the European Film Academy Critics Award 2003 - Prix Fipresci,
and a Jameson People's Choice Award 2003 for Best European Actor, Actress
and Director.
For further information
Five Obstructions
the Albino
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