The European Presidency on film

DOCUMENTARY. "The President" by acclaimed Danish director already sold to 12 countries.

Documentary director Christoffer Guldbrandsen has emerged as a leading Danish film journalist and specializes in chronicling the inner workings of power. In his latest work "The President" he turns the camera to the European leadership.  

A German chancellor, a French president and an Italian Prime Minister openly relate their common goal: Europe must have a real president, a president to represent Europe in the world and create unity between the superegos of EU. 

But the road to actually instating a person in office is long and fraught with compromise. And the end product is far removed from the new political vision of Europe: A Belgian unknown who turned down the position twice. 

The European decision process is "a game where cynicism and idealism must reconcile," Guldbrandsen says. "It's this game of power that's the focal point of the film. The understanding of the common European power and a political culture with roots hundreds of years back which holds both drama, intrigue, vanity and greed." 

The film premiered on Danish public television on 12 April, but has already been sold to 12 countries, among these Germany, France, Norway, Sweden, Canada, Finland, Holland and Ireland. 

"The President" is produced by Ane Mandrup Pedersen for Guldbrandsen ApS with support from the Danish Film Institute.