Experiments from a true auteur

Jørgen Leth, one of Denmark's most versatile and productive artists, delivers his sixth and final DVD in The Jørgen Leth collection.

A true auteur, Leth's works are distinguished by a singular sense of timing and rhythm. The sixth and final box set in "The Jørgen Leth Collection" embraces Leth's early experiments. The films, from the 1960s and the early 1970s, display his passion for experimenting with sound and images and exploring new forms of expression.

Quirky fantasy to harsh social criticism

The films were produced with limited funds and shot on location with inexpensive equipment. Ranging from quirky fantasy to harsh social criticism, most are surreal visual poems conceived as an alternative to the established language of cinema.

Already from the late 1950s, Leth was an established jazz critic. His film debut was "Stopforbud" / "Stop for Bud", a portrait of pianist Bud Powell. As with many of his remaining films from the period, it was made in close cooperation with his cinematographer Ole John. Jørgen Leth and Ole John were central figures in the experimental documentary film milieu during the 1960s — together with artist Per Kirkeby et al.

The Jørgen Leth Collection Box 6 — contents 

  • Stop for Bud (1963)
  • Look Forward to a Time of Security (1965)
  • Near Heaven, Near Earth (1968)
  • Ophelia's Flowers (1968)
  • The Deer Garden, the Romantic Forest (1970)
  • Eddy Merckx in the Vicinity of a Cup of Coffee (1973)
  • Composer Meets Quartet (1987)
  • The Search (1971)
  • Extra material (1993-2009) comprising some 305 minutes including "27 Scenes About Jørgen Leth" and "11 Personal Utterances About Leth and His Work", the latter including statements by, among others, directors Lars von Trier, Annette K. Olesen, Christoffer Boe and Ole Christian Madsen.

All films are with English subtitles. The box sets can be purchased at the DFI Video & Bookstore. Please note that watching the DVDs outside Europe (PAL, region 0) requires a multi-region DVD player.

The Jørgen Leth Collection, generously supported by Møllehegnet Holding A/S, is composed of

  • Anthropological Films (01-05)
  • Sports Films (06-11)
  • Travel Films (12-18)
  • Fiction Films (19-21)
  • Film Portraits (22-29)
  • Experimental Films (30-37)

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