Facts & Figures 2002 now available on the web

'Facts &
Figures 2002' - the Danish Film Institute's annual overview of production,
distribution and exhibition figures for film in Denmark - may now be
accessed at www.dfi.dk/sitemod/upload/Root/Statistik_&_tal/Facts_Figures_2002.pdf
Besides providing
key figures relating to the film sector, the overview has been designed to
give speedy access to different areas. For example, information on the
scope of feature filmmaking in Denmark can be obtained from a production
chart which lists film titles and gives production costs, subsidy
coverage, genre, number of admissions, critics' reviews on a 1-6 scale,
countries and funding organizations which have participated in the finance
of each film, as well as other details.
How national films
rate in comparison to foreign films at the box office can be deduced from
an exhibition chart that provides market share figures for Danish,
European and American films which have been screened over the past two
decades, and covers the total number of admissions as well as gross box
office revenue for each year. How new Danish films score in comparison to
new foreign films - when looking at the average number of admissions per
title - is given in another chart.
A view of the
top-twenty chart provides a quick review into what type of films are
popular and which films audiences have favoured most in 2001. The national
fare from other corners of the globe that distributors have chosen for
cinema audiences in Denmark is shown in a table indicating the country of
Facts &
Figures is prepared in print annually in May.
For further
information contact
Vicki Synnott:
3374 3438, vickis@dfi.dk