Facts & Figures 2009

The Danish Film Institute's latest edition of Facts & Figures confirms that 2008 was a record year at the Danish boxoffice. 13.1 million admissions in total made 2008 the best year since 1983 for all films in Danish cinemas, while Danish films alone had their best year since 1978 with admissions amounting to over four million and a domestic market share of 33%.Eight Danish films on Top 20
The figures show, yet again, proof of the long-term viability of Danish films in a market otherwise dominated by American releases. The average number of admissions for all American films was 65,000 – less than half the Danish average of 153,000.

Top of the chart was "Flame and Citron" with more than 670,000 admissions, overtaking international blockbusters such as "Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull", "James Bond – Quantum of Solace", "Mamma Mia" and "The Dark Knight".Four other Danish films sold more than 300,000 tickets: the comedy "Take the Trash", the animated "Journey to Saturn", the children's film "Father of Four – Back Home" and the drama "Worlds Apart". In all, the Top 20 included eight Danish productions, representing a full range of dramas, animation and children and youth films.

TV and the international market
Facts & Figures 2009 show several other highlights in the Danish film and media market. One is the role of Danish television as an important national platform for exhibiting Danish fiction films and documentaries. Another discernable highlight is that international interest in Danish films continues to grow. In 2008, 17 Danish films were sold to other countries, the largest number in three years.

Danish film policy expanding
The Danish film policy has developed in recent years to cover almost every aspect of the artistic development of audiovisual works and their consumption in the film and media markets. As shown in Facts & Figures 2009, one example is the new Public Service Television Fund, which gives commercial TV channels the possibility of obtaining support for the production of Danish fiction and documentary films. Another is the New Danish Screen – Game Development Support, a subsidy scheme subsidizing and inspiring the production of Danish computer games for children and young people. The Facts & Figures 2009 is available on the Danish Film Institute's website: www.dfi.dk/english/statistics

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