Facts & Figures 2011

PUBLICATION. Find key statistics for Danish films and cinema in our latest issue of Facts & Figures.

Nicolas Winding Refn's "Valhalla Rising" and Susanne Bier's Oscar triumph "In a Better World" were among the 29 Danish theatrical releases in 2010 to generate a national market share at 22%. In all 13 million tickets were sold in Danish cinemas last year which lands the average per inhabitant at 2.3 tickets.

These numbers and many more are available in Facts & Figures 2011. Through six sections the publication presents details on national film subsidies, film production support in feature films as well as documentaries and shorts, theatrical releases, the cinema sector, and the television and home video market.

Key Info

Population in Denmark

Ministry of Culture
Regulatory body for media

64.8m EUR
Total government subsidy to DFI activities (2010 budget)

National feature film releases (hereof 7 documentary films)

Total number of feature fiction films allocated a DFI production subsidy

Total number of documentary films allocated a DFI production subsidy

2.5m EUR
Average production budget for a Danish feature fiction film

Average DFI-subsidy allocation to a Danish feature fiction film

Cinemas in Denmark

Cinemas with digital screens (year-end 2009)

Total admissions in Denmark

Tickets sold per capita in Denmark

National market share

Facts & Figures 2011 is published by the Danish Film Institute and is available on our site where you can find more statistical resources.

Facts & Figures 2011

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