Facts & Figures about the Danish film sector out now


Press release
Today the Danish
Film Institute publishes the annual statistic overview of the Danish film
sector, Facts & Figures 2005.
Did you know,
25% was the
national market share for Danish feature films in the period
6 Danish features
- at least - have been on the top 20 list in Denmark every year since
More than 25m
tickets were sold in Europe and USA to the 20 best performing Danish
feature films 1996-2004.
73% of the total
theatrical market in Denmark is held by Danish/Scandinavian
22 Danish feature
films received production support from DFI in 2004. Their average
production budget was 2.2m euros. The average government subsidy was 38%.

38 Danish short
& documentary films received production support from DFI in 2004. The
average government subsidy was 37%.
More than 10% of
the total DFI production support will be spent on development in
62 films were
restored at the DFI Film Archive in 2004.
More than 100,000
visitors saw 1,027 titles at the DFI Cinematheque in 2004.
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