Figures confirm record year 2008


As predicted late December, 2008 was in fact a record year at the Danish boxoffice. The annual figures released from Statistics Denmark confirm that 2008 was the best year for Danish films since 1978. 
4.3 million tickets were sold to Danish films alone, against 3.1 million tickets in 2007, landing eight Danish films on Top 20. In all, 13.1 million tickets were sold in 2008, against 12.1 million in 2007. 

"The figures for the Danish films show that not only the broad mainstream films draw a large audience, but also more specialised films like 'Worlds Apart', 'Terribly Happy' and not least 'Flame & Citron'", says Henrik Bo Nielsen, CEO at the Danish Film Institute. "Danish film policy aims indeed at diversity, and it's obvious that cinemagoers seek not only to be entertained but want to watch films that are more demanding and reflect the society we live in."

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