Film hit of the year

STATISTICS. "Clown", a film version of a highly popular TV comedy series, was the Danish title to attract the largest audience in 2010.

Released in Danish cinemas only a fortnight before curtains closed on 2010, Zentropa and Mikkel Nørgaard's "Clown" still managed to climb to the top of the charts and secure its position as last year's biggest Danish film hit. At present, 525,000 tickets have been sold.

The odds of a large turnout were high from the outset. "Clown" is based on a long-running and highly popular TV series tailored around stand-up comedians Frank Hvam and Casper Christensen. The two appear as fictionalized versions of themselves in a string of embarrassing situations for which they only have themselves and their boyish vanity to blame.

Following "Clown" on the list of Danish hits in 2010 are Claus Bjerre's family comedy "Father of Four – in Japanese Mode" (431,000 admissions) and Susanne Bier's "In a Better World" (413,000 admissions).

Official figures for 2010 will be released in March by Statistics Denmark, but a provisional status has already been issued by the film distributors' organisation FAFID. This shows that 12.9 million tickets were sold in domestic theatres last year, of which 2.9 million went to a Danish film, landing the national market share at 22%.

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