FILM-X - A huge success!

Press release13.11.2003 The
interactive film studio FILM-X at the Danish Film Institute Cinematheque
has been a huge success. School children, teachers, families and young
people have eagerly embraced the art of filmmaking at FILM-X, which is
celebrating its one-year anniversary today. Since opening its doors to the
public in November of last year, the studio has welcomed some 10,000
visitors. On weekdays FILM-X has proved to be a popular
designation for school children and teachers. The influx of school visits
to and the courses for teachers at FILM-X have demonstrated the desire and
need of the teaching profession to deal with filmmaking - in practice,
too. The primary users of FILM-X during the week are the lower and
upper secondary schools and Adult Education Centres who book for ordinary
visits, teacher-training courses and special days allocated to particular
themes. Use of the studio is almost sold out for the remainder of the
school year 2003-2004, and for 2003 FILM-X expects school-related visitors
to total more than 8,000, including 500 teachers on introductory
courses.FILM-X's weekend visitors include families, children's
groups, some of which are birthday celebrations. At the end of 2003, more
than 2,500 persons will have visited FILM-X on weekends.
Danish Design Award 2003The film studio has
been highly acclaimed for its graphic design and user-friendly interface
design, and on 7 November, the DFI Cinematheque's FILM-X was awarded the
Danish Design Award for 2003 in the category "Digital communication /
Digital design". The graphic designers are Rasmus Koch ApS (Rasmus Koch
and Adrian Täckman).An excerpt from the jury's statement
"The FILM-X project
encourages experimentation, playing and make believe. The jury wishes to
emphasise and praise this initiative that sets the stage for utilising the
digital media by putting them into a larger context where the focus is not
on the digital medium itself, but on the entire film production
process."For further informationPress
Danish Design Award 2003 www.ddc.dkDanish Film
Bertram, Manager, FILM-X, +45 3374 3670, Vicki Synnott, Information
Department, +45 3374 3438,