FILM-Y opens for Belgian school children

FILM-Y. The Danish Film Institute's mobile film studio has landed in the Bozar art centre in Brussels, where school classes and families are invited to make their own films.

A green Morris Minor, a large steel tripod, film equipment and computers are now lined up in the great artistic and cultural center, Bozar, in Brussels. On the occasion of the Danish EU Presidency, DFI’s mobile film studio FILM-Y opened for Belgian school children and families Thursday 16 February 2012, and it runs through to 30 March.

During FILM-Y’s six-week visit, school classes are invited in the weekdays, and families in the weekends.

The children will get the opportunity to explore the creative and technical processes of film-making. During 4-5 hours they get hands-on experience in directing, acting in, shooting and editing their own film, where a Morris Minor equipped with a back projection is the main prop in a car chase story.

The school class gets divided in two groups, where the first half receives a tour in the film studio, learns about film history and watches a film, while the second half learns about storytelling and filmmaking, before they create their own film. After lunch, they switch and finish the day by watching each others' film productions.

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Great success – all sold out

According to Louise Fischer from FILM-Y, who has just returned from Brussels after three days of training of 15 local facilitators, the first visit from a French-speaking school class in age 11-12 was a great success. "The kids were extremely happy. They were well-prepared and worked very seriously and concentrated," Fischer says.

All school events and family days are already sold out, but because of the massive demand, Bozar has extraordinarily decided to open for families on Saturdays, where the centre is usually closed.

Next stop for FILM-Y is in Transylvania in June 2012.

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