FILM#65 Berlin Special Issue out now

This Berlin issue of FILM features articles on the Danish films selected for the Berlinale programmes: Annette K. Olesen and Zentropa's drama "Little Soldier", selected for Competition, the three Danish competitors in Generation, and Danish Shooting Star nominee Cyron Melville.
FILM#65 also reports on new Danish films with a domestic boxoffice opening in 2009: Three debuting directors are interviewed: Kathrine Windfeld, Heidi Maria Faisst and Manyar I. Parwani. Moreover director Nils Malmros and producer Thomas Heinesen are interviewed in regard to "Aching Hearts", a story related to the subject matter of Malmros' Danish classic "The Tree of Knowledge". And Simon Staho is back with a new film "Warriors of Love". Read his rampant declaration of war aimed at the killjoys, cowards and rationalists of love.

Also featured in this issue is an interview with the directors of Denmark's three major international festivals: Tine Fischer of CPH:DOX, Füsun Eriksen of BUSTER and Jacob Neiiendam of CPH:PIX .Read about the achievements of the Copenhagen-based European Film ThinkTank established in 2007, Danish actors and filmmakers on the international scene and about the performance of indigenous films at the domestic boxoffice 2008.

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