FILM#67 Amsterdam online

A crowd at a Mumbai station spreads the cover of the latest issue of FILM, marking the release of Cities on Speed, a series of films portraying the megacities of Bogotá, Cairo, Mumbai and Shanghai.

FILM#67 is now online. Read about the new series "Cities on Speed", four character-driven documentaries that address challenging issues of four cities, read about the voices that deal with urban problems and solutions, the motivation behind the series and interviews with the directors. Two of the films are selected for IDFA's Reflecting Images.

Focus is also on the other films competing at IDFA Amsterdam:


 Film 67 


The world's floppy disk inventor, Japanese Dr Nakamats, is the subject of a tongue in cheek portrait ("The Invention of Dr. Nakamats"), selected for the mid-length programme together with a film which juxtaposes the destinies of two men of the same age, culture and religion, who have gone their different ways ("Accidental Terrorist").  

Loss of innocence, looking for the light and living online are the threads of human stories running through three graduate films selected for IDFA ("Albert's Winter", "Northern Lights", "Book of Miri").

There's the awardwinning doc-comedy "The Red Chapel", about three Danes who tour to North Korea in disguise, running in Reflecting Images. And two coming of age films selected for Kids & Docs ("Let's Be Together" and "Invisible Girls").

And much more in this issue of FILM# — read the interview with Jesper Jack, DFI Film Commissioner, and get a gist of the direction Danish docs are taking, and films available for festivals in the Catalogue in the reverse section.