FILM#70 with Danish docs

MAGAZINE. The films selected for IDFA 2010 reflect the wide span of Danish documentaries. Read about all ten films in the Danish Film Institute's festival magazine FILM#70.

"Armadillo" was the first documentary ever to win the Grand Prix at Semaine de la Critique in Cannes, and its release spurred heated debate in the Danish media. Putting their lives on the line during six months in Afghanistan's Helmand province appears not to have been in vain for director Janus Metz and cinematographer Lars Skree.

In FILM#70, published on the occasion of IDFA 2010, Janus Metz talks about the controversy and declares that the premise of "Armadillo" was simply "open curiosity about what's happening in Afghanistan."

FILM#70 brings interviews with all the directors headed for Amsterdam, their films reflecting a wide diversity of subjects and styles, angles and attitudes.

Det-erotiske-menneske_450 Can you measure the erotic? Jørgen Leth, experimental filmmaker for nearly 50 years, searches the world and his inner self for answers. "Erotic Man" in FILM#70. Photo: Adam Philp