FILM#73 online

MAGAZINE. Read about Danish documentaries right now including the films headed for IDFA in the Danish Film Institute's festival magazine FILM#73.

"Is it okay for Brügger to travel in an African country as a diplomat, while filming his experiences as a documentarian and a reporter? Is it okay that Brügger is clearly acting out an old, fetishistic boyhood fantasy of strutting around darkest Africa in long riding boots, chomping on a cigarette holder? Of course not. That's precisely why 'The Ambassador' hits home so hard," a critic concludes about Brügger's venture into the Central African Republic on a purchased diplomatic passport. Read all about the controversial opening film in FILM #73, published on the occasion of IDFA 2011. 

"Putin's Kiss", also in competition at IDFA, portrays the spokesperson of the Russian political youth movement Nashi who comes to doubt the true ideals of the movement. Read the interview with director Lise Birk Pedersen

The magazine also brings interviews with the other directors travelling to IDFA plus more stories on Danish documentaries right now.

Find FILM#73 as individual articles or as PDF on our magazine site and browse through the pages below.