Filmhouse November

Watch films, explore the bookshop, lounge in the lobby or take a break at the Restaurant & Café SULT. There's entertainment for the entire family with brunch and films on Sundays, movies for kids, and noon matinées. This month's repertoire includes films of David Lean and Claire Denis, gems from Korea, films about the fall of the Berlin wall and there are docs galore for 12 days from the kick-off of CPH:DOX festival Friday 6 November.

Die Mauer – Films About The Fall Of The Berlin Wall + Torben Steno, Beer And Cabaret Pop

Celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Wall, the Cinematheque presents a series of gripping, poetic and funny films about the Wall and life around it. Several of the films have never been shown in Denmark before – including “Berlin is in Germany” (2001), winner of the Panorama Audience Award at the Berlin Film Festival, and two brand new documentaries, “In the Stasi Line of Fire: The Case W. Loetzsch  (2008) and “The Beauties From Leipzig” (2008).

On Thursday, 19 November, at 7:15 p.m., the journalist and musician Torben Steno will introduce “The Beauties From Leipzig” and share his experiences with such perennial south-of-the-border favourites as sauerkraut, mullet hairdos and the colour brown. After the film, the German Embassy and the Goethe Institute are serving up beer, wine and pretzels in Asta Bar, while Channe Nussbaum & Spielniks play live, swinging cabaret pop.
Series (10 films) screening throughout November.



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Danish Film Institute
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The Filmhouse is located in central Copenhagen at Gothersgade 55, opposite the Kings Garden and Rosenborg Castle.

The Bus line 350S stops almost at the main entrance to the Filmhouse. The stop at Kronprinsessegade is closest.

The Filmhouse in an 8-10 minute walk from City Hall, and Nørreport Station,centre for trains, the Metro, and buses.

The Korean Comet – A Filmmaking Miracle In 10 Short Years

South Korea has exploded as a film nation. Waging an all-out culture and technology war on Hollywood, Korean films are no longer just small, offbeat works of art cinema but huge blockbusters, kicking in doors with innovative storytelling and cutting-edge technology. Korea is Asia’s hottest film nation – where directors like Quentin Tarantino and Steven Spielberg go for ideas and inspiration. The series kicks off on 18 November at 7 p.m. with a sneak preview of Park Chan-wooks new film, “Thirst” (2009), winner of this year’s Jury Prize in Cannes.
Series (7 films) screening 18-29 November.

Claire Denis – The Woman Who Detested Isak Dinesen

Once an assistant to directors like Wenders, Jarmusch and Rivette, Claire Denis has inherited their fearlessness and eye for humanity. Marked by a childhood and youth spent in Africa, her films are sensual but unsentimental, without a trace of overbearing romanticism. “When I read Isak Dinesen’s ‘Out of Africa,’ I practically exploded with rage. Her nostalgia for the landscape, that land, that culture, that farm… Her declaration of love was outrageous, because none of it belonged to her,” Denis once said. Her films merge a sure 1960s-style deconstruction of narrative patterns with an unusual sense of visual poetry, featuring music by quirky bands like Tindersticks of the UK.
Series (8 films) screening throughout November.

David Lean – Relaxing A Stiff Upper Lip

These days, David Lean (1908-1991) is mostly remembered for such epics as “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Dr. Zhivago.” But before those big-cast spectaculars, he directed several excellent British dramas on much lower budgets, loosening up the famously stiff British upper in small everyday stories about “real” people. A wealth of experiences awaits in his first 10 films, presented here in gorgeous, newly restored prints from the British Film Institute. Highlights include the two intensely dramatic love stories, “Stjaalne timer’’ (1949) and “Det korte møde” (1945).
Series (10 films) screening throughout November.

Bio 12:30 p.m. – Noon matinées

Welcome to a new initiative for everyone who has time for a movie in the middle of the day. We feature a new film every week, and afterwards coffee and cookies are served in Asta Bar (free with your ticket). The focus is on films with good stories and good acting. This is not the place to go for explosions and car chases! These are films about people – people who feel, suffer, laugh and cry, like everyone else. BIO 12:30 p.m. screens every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 12:30 p.m.
3-5 November 'Brideshead Revisited’ (2008). 10-12 November 'Last Chance Harvey’ (2008). 17-18 November. ’The Station Agent' (2003). 24-26 November ’Some Like it Hot' (1959).

CPH:DOX festival   

Reality returns when CPH:DOX takes over Copenhagen for 12 days in November. The Cinematheque’s festival screenings include a new documentary about the rock band The Doors. With bar and DJ. Read the complete programme: CPH:DOX 
6-15 November

Film Of The Month – “Frozen River”

“‘Frozen River’ put my heart in a klamp and proceeded to twist that clamp until the last frame,” Quentin Tarantino said, when he presented Courtney Hunt with the Grand Jury Prize at Sundance. November’s Film of the Month is an intense thriller from a chilly corner of the United States. Melissa Leo was nominated for a best actress Academy Award for her performance in the film.
Vises i perioden 20.-29. november kl. 19.15 (dog ikke den 23.november).

The Red Riding Trilogy – Murder! Corruption! Obsession!

David Peace’s international bestseller “The Red Riding Quartet,” based on the authentic story of the Yorkshire Ripper, has been turned into a spectacular film trilogy. A cohesive fictional study of the investigation into a series of brutal murders, the trilogy was introduced this year in Cannes. See all three films together at Cinematheque’s exclusive Danish premiere.
Søndag den 22. november fra kl. 14.15 til 21.15.

Kurz In Berlin – Nine Award-Winning Shorts About The Wall

For 38 years, the Berlin Wall was a deadly border running through the old German capital as a highly concrete symbol of the country’s division. Interfilm, the company behind Berlin’s International Short Film Festival, has put together a unique programme of short films, screening at the Cinematheque on 21 November at 4:30 p.m., with an introduction by festival director Heinz Hermanns.
Lørdag den 21. november kl. 16.30.

The Experimental: The Flesh And The Sex Drive – Three Films By Carolee Schneemann

Carolee Schneemann (b. 1939) is an American artist known for her work with the body, gender and sexuality. Exploring the female gaze, her films attempt to counter the pervasive media objectification of women. In this month’s The Experimental we are screening her so-called autobiographical trilogy: “Fuses” (1967), “Plumb Line” (1971) and “Kitch’s Last Meal” (1976).
Onsdag den 25. november kl. 19.00.

Psych-Out: Double-Feature Horror Shock Show

Two films for the price of one! Psych-Out presents a blood-dripping double feature from the golden age of grindhouse. In the early 1970s, a fascination with the occult and the macabre had supplanted hippy-dippy, flower-power liberation. See two of the period’s most outré exploitation flicks in one horrifying bundle. After the screening, the portable gramophone will play and cold beers be sold at Asta Bar.
Torsdag den 26. november kl. 19.30.

Friday Late Night: “When You Are Strange” – A New Documentary About The Doors

Tom DiCillo’s film about The Doors is the first documentary to tell the whole story about the most famous, and infamous, American rock band of the late sixties, featuring never-before-released on- and off-stage footage. The after party at Asta Bar presents the Sunbeam Syndicate Single Show – three hours of psychedelic sixties vinyl.
Fredag den 6. november kl. 22.00. Med efterfølgende bar og DJ.

Silent Films And Live Music: “Der Golem” – An Expressionist Classic

German Expressionism was a crucial influence, visually and thematically, on the birth of the horror film genre. Often mentioned in works of film history yet rarely shown, this month’s silent-film presentation is the German horror classic “Der Golem” (1920), starring Paul Wegener as the misunderstood clay monster.
Tirsdag den 24. november kl. 19.30.

Jazz evening with Jakob Bbro — Album releas and film premiere

On the occasion of guitarist Jakob Bros new album, ’Balladeering’, the documentary film ’Weightless – a Recording Session with Jakob Bro’ (2009) will screen. The film includes performances by some of the world's significant jazz musicians. Prior to the film at 20:00 the Restaurant Mielcke & Hurtigkarl på vin og snacks i Asta Bar. Efter filmen er der flere forfriskninger i baren og mulighed for at købe pladen og filmen.
Tirsdag den 24. november fra kl. 20.00.

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