First feature from Greenland

"Nuummioq", a portrayal of modern Greenland, is the first Greenlandic feature film production ever. The film will have its international premiere at Sundance this weekend.

Otto Rosing's "Nuummioq" shows that Greenland is more than high skies, endless snow, wildlife and primitive living. The film, which is the first professional feature film produced in Greenland, tells the story of a nation in many ways as modern as its big brother, Denmark.

In "Nuummioq", Malik, a construction worker, lives a normal, rather lonely, urban life in Nuuk, when he falls head over heels in love with Nivi. But just as their love begins to bloom, Malik is diagnosed with incurable cancer. He now faces a choice: go to Denmark for treatment, and perhaps extend his life a few years, or stay in Greenland and die within a few months.


Screening times at Sundance:

Sat, 23 Jan 11:30 AM
Mon, 25 Jan 9:45 PM
Tue, 26 Jan 9:00 AM
Fri, 29 Jan 5:30 PM

A growing industry

Greenland's film industry is vanishingly small, but according to the film's producer Mikisoq H. Lynge, who sold a 49 percent share of his company, 3900 Films, in order to afford the production, something is brewing in Greenland, where more people take a chance of making a living in the film industry.

Competing at Sundance

With the launch of "Nuummioq", this can be seen as a kick-off to an emerging feature film industry. The film is currently participating in the World Cinema Competition at Sundance Film Festival (21-30 January).

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