Four children's shorts to Berlin

The Danish short films "Whistleless", "Sun Shine", "Megaheavy" and "Out of Love" have been selected for the Generation programme at Berlin International Film Festival.

The Berlin Film Festival (11-21 Feb) has already announced that Birger Larsen's feature film "Super Brother" is participating in the Generation Kplus section, and now four Danish short films have been selected for competition in the Generation programme for children and youth.

"Whistleless" by Siri Melchior and "Sun Shine" by Alice de Champfleury are selected for the Generation Kplus section for children’s films, while "Out of Love" by Birgitte Stærmose and "Megaheavy" by Fenar Ahmad have been selected for the Generation 14plus, a section with youth films.


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Super Brother to Berlin

The four short films

"Whistleless" is a five-minute animated film bursting with music about a little bird that has terrible trouble learning how to whistle. "Whistleless" is produced by Marie Bro for Dansk Tegnefilm.

In "Sun Shine" 13-year-old Nadja's fantasies about having a loving family and a father gets out of hand. "Sun Shine" is produced by Jesper Morthorst for Nimbus Film.

"Mega Heavy" tells of the geeky girl, Jolly, who is embroiled in heavy rock, but also becomes interested in the boys around her. "Megaheavy" is produced by Thomas Yong for Beofilm.

"Out of Love" is on the borderline between documentary and fiction. The film depicts post war Kosovo, where children tell their moving stories about loss, fear and the hope for a brighter future. "Out of Love" is produced by Jesper Morthorst for Alphaville Pictures.

The festival has yet to announce the programme for the major feature film sections.

Berlin International Film Festival (11-21 Feb 2010)