A Funny Man shoots to the top

BOXOFFICE. In just four weeks Martin P. Zandvliet's "A Funny Man" has reached 367,000 admissions, which is the second-best turn-out so far for a Danish film in 2011.

After just four weeks in release Martin P. Zandvliet's "A Funny Man" is slowly moving to the top of the 2011 charts. The drama about the legendary comedian Dirch Passer, a much-loved figure in Danish revue history, is surpassed only by Rasmus Heide's "All for One", released in February, in terms of admission numbers.

So far, 367,000 have bought a ticket to "A Funny Man", and the overall pattern suggests that cinema-goers have maintained a keen interest throughout the film's release period. From first to second week ticket sales fell only 10 percent and from second to third week only 13 percent. Traditionally a drop of 40 percent from one week to the next would be more common.

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"A Funny Man", enjoying its international premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival, is produced by Mikael Chr. Rieks for Koncern Film with support from the Danish Film Institute.