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NEW PUBLICATION. 10 minor co-productions were supported by the Danish Film Institute in 2012, while national ticket sales reached 13.6m in total. Get more numbers in our annual edition of Facts & Figures.

"This Life" was the number 1 Danish film released in 2012 and was one of last year's 31 national feature film releases to generate a domestic market share at 29%. Total ticket sales in Danish theatres reached 13.6 million, landing the average number of tickets sold per capita at 2.4.

These numbers and many more are available in our latest edition of Facts & Figures with details on national film subsidies, film production, the cinema sector and public service television.

Key info


Population in Denmark

Regulatory body for media 
Ministry of Culture

Total government allocation for DFI activities (2012 budget)
62.8m EUR


Total number of feature fiction films allocated a DFI production subsidy

Total number of documentary films allocated af DFI production subsidy

Average production budget for a Danish feature fiction film
3.3m EUR

Average DFI-subsidy allocation to a Danish feature fiction film

Distribution and exhibition

National feature film releases
31 (including 10 documentary films)

Cinemas in Denmark 

Cinemas with at least one digital screen 

Total admissions in Denmark
13.6 m

Tickets sold per capita in Denmark

National market share

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