The Girl Who Sees Shame

PRODUCTION SUPPORT. Kenneth Kainz is directing an adaptation of Danish author Lene Kaaberbøl's best-selling fantasy novel "The Shamer's Daughter", adapted for the big screen by Anders Thomas Jensen. Shooting starts end of February.

Dina is a girl who has inherited her mother's supernatural ability to elicit shamed confessions simply by looking someone in the eye. For Dina, her power is not a gift but a curse. But when Dina’s mother is called to reveal the truth about a bloody triple murder, Dina must come to terms with her powers or see her mother fall prey to the vicious dragons of Dunark.

That's how the story goes in "The Shamer's Daughter", based on the first book in Lene Kaaberbøl's highly popular fantasy series "The Shamer Chronicles". The four books in the series have been published in more than 25 countries worldwide.

Kenneth Kainz ("Pure Hearts") is directing "The Shamer's Daughter", while Anders Thomas Jensen, longstanding writing partner of Susanne Bier, adapted the book for the big screen.

The all-Scandinavian cast includes Peter Plaugborg, Jakob Oftebro, Søren Malling, Maria Bonnevie, Stina Ekblad and Allan Hyde. "The Shamer's Daughter" is produced by Nina Lyng and Eva Juel Hammerich for Nepenthe Film, with a release set for spring 2015.

The film is supported by the Danish Film Institute. Principal shooting starts end of February in the Czech Republic and Iceland.

International sales are handled by Trustnordisk who are beginning presales at the European Film Market during the Berlinale 6-16 February.

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