Glorious accidents in Venice

DOC AWARD. "Accidentes Gloriosos" received the Orizzonti Award at Venice International Film Festival – a feather in the cap for CPH:DOX's cross-cultural talent programme DOX:LAB.

"Accidentes Gloriosos", honoured this weekend with the Orizzonti Award at the Venice Film Festival, is produced under CPH:DOX's talent programme DOX:LAB.

In its motivation the jury, headed by Chinese director Jia Zangke, states that it "appreciated the experimental approach to commissioning this film and its encouragement of new ways of collaboration". Also, the film is "an interesting collage of disparate spaces, objects and people brought together in the dark space of the cinema."


DOX:LAB was initiated in 2009 by CPH:DOX as a creative filmmakers' lab pairing two directors from different parts of the world and different production cultures. The aim is to carve out a space for these young talents to experiment with new artistic expressions and genres.

DOX:LAB is funded by the Danish Film Institute, MEDIA Mundus, and Obelfonden.

"Accidentes Gloriosos" is an assemblage of nine different stories of death and transformation and is co-directed by Mauro Andrizzi of Argentina and Marcus Lindeen of Sweden. The two were brought together as one of nine pairs participating in the second edition of DOX:LAB with the purpose of finishing a film within a year on a limited budget.

"At the heart of the DOX:LAB project is the artistic challenge and the aesthetic meeting with someone who thinks differently about art," Tine Fischer of CPH:DOX says. Read more

CPH:DOX has hosted two editions of DOX:LAB, and several of the films have met with great interest on the international festival circuit. The Orizzonti prize marks the greatest honour yet to be awarded to a film under the LAB label.