Graduation film in Berlinale Shorts

FESTIVAL. Helena Frank's graduation film "Heavy Heads", selected for Berlin Film Festival's Short Competition, is steeped in black humour and set to the sound of a hungry housefly.

Selected as one of 30 films contending for the Golden Bear in the Berlinale Shorts section is Helena Frank's animation "Heavy Heads", the director's graduation film from the Danish Film School.

With acute minimalism in both style and storytelling, "Heavy Heads" is an absurdly humourous tale about Monika who lives within the four gray walls of her kitchen. Her puttering steps, slamming doors and a dripping faucet accompany the sound of a buzzing housefly, which is an all-too easy target for Monika's lonely longings.

Three Danish feature films have already been selected for competition in the Generation programmes: Rune Schjøtt's "Skyscraper" and Heidi Maria Faisst's "Rebounce" in 14plus and Esben Toft Jacobsen's animation "The Great Bear" in Kplus.

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