Great opening for A Conspiracy of Faith

BOX OFFICE. "A Conspiracy of Faith" makes the best opening for a Danish film in 15 years.

In just four days, 154,215 local cinemagoers went to see the latest installment of the Department Q series following Carl Mørck and Assad's crime investigations. Thereby, "A Conspiracy of Faith" outperforms its predecessors, "Keepers of Lost Causes" (2013) and "The Absent One" (2014), which are also on the list of best opening weekends.

That's the best box office result since "Anja & Viktor," which made 157,305 admissions in its opening weekend in 2001, when an opening weekend only amounted to three days. The Danish opening weekend was extended to four days in 2010, when the opening day was moved from Friday to Thursday.

Top 10 Danish opening weekends 2010-2016


Including previews, "A Conspiracy of Faith" has been seen by 207,669 audience members.

International sales agent TrustNordisk has closed a large number of deals on the film, securing distribution in more than 60 countries including North America (IFC Films), Germany and Austria (NFP), Switzerland (Frenetic Films), Benelux (Lumiere), France (Wild Bunch Distribution), Spain (Vertigo Films), Turkey (Medyavizyon), Estonia (Estin Film), Poland (Kino Swiat), Russia CIS (Russian Report) among others.

"A Conspiracy of Faith" is directed by Hans Petter Moland and produced by Louise Vesth for Zentropa with support from the Danish Film Institute.