Heidi Maria Faisst helms teenage film

The relationship between mothers and daughters is a recurring theme in Heidi Maria Faisst's films. Shooting for her second feature film, a story about a young girl's thirst for maternal love, starts 19 March.

Heidi Maria Faisst, who made her feature film debut last year with "The Blessing", has a strong penchant for stories about dependant relationships.

"That's become my view of the world. I see all our problems as coming from our background and our family relationships," Faisst said in FILM#65 about "The Blessing", recipient of two awards at the film festival in Göteborg in 2009.

Her latest project "Den der hvisker" (English title to be announced) just received production subsidy under the DFI film commissioner scheme:
A teenage film about a young girl's search for the unattainable love of her mother. Louise's mother is just out of prison and in the eye of a teenager she's cool, tough and enchanting. To win her mother's love, Louise follows her lead and enters a world of partying, drugs, fast cash and men. Meanwhile, everyone seems to forget that she is just a teenager.

Heidi Maria Faisst wrote the script, and Meta Louise Foldager produces for Zentropa.

Expected Danish release for "Den der hvisker" is spring 2011.