Henning Carlsen adapts Márquez novel

NEW FILM. What happens when a person near the end of his life finds a reason to live? Veteran filmmaker Henning Carlsen embarks in his new film on finding some answers. Memories of My Melancholy Whores is based on Gabriel Garcia Márquez' novel of the same name.

Reflection, the joy of being in love and the misfortunes of growing old are threads running through the Mexican-Danish coproduction "Memories of My Melancholy Whores" (Memoria de mis putas tristes), by Henning Carlsen.

The protagonist, a journalist and lone-wolf has never experienced a love relationship despite his routine visits to brothels. He is now turning ninety and decides to celebrate his birthday by spending a night with a young virgin.


Producer Nina Crone
Telephone +45 7026 1900

Director Henning Carlsen

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Director Henning Carlsen and Nina Crone of Crone Film, together with the Mexican producer Raquel Guajardo and Spanish Zip Film acquired the film rights to Nobel laureate Gabriel Garcia Márquez' novel some years ago. The film's script is by awardwinning French screenwriter Jean-Claude Carrière and Danish director Henning Carlsen.

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