Henrik Bo Nielsen Stays On for a New Term

DFI. The Board of the Danish Film Institute is reappointing Henrik Bo Nielsen as CEO.

Henrik Bo Nielsen will continue as CEO of the Danish Film Institute (DFI), a position he has held since 2007.

Board Chairman Joachim Malling says:

About the DFI

The Film Agreement lays down the overall economic and film-policy framework for the work of the Danish Film Institute over a four-year period. Read about the latest agreement for 2015-2018:

Danish Film Agreement in Place for 2015-18

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About the DFI

"Since August, when we began the work of recruiting the CEO who from next summer will be heading the DFI, the board has been focused on finding the person where the sum of qualifications and experience best matches the challenges we on the Board see facing Danish cinema and the DFI itself.

"Many highly qualified candidates with different approaches have been in play, giving us many good options. We have found, however, that Henrik Bo Nielsen overall will continue to provide the best leadership for the DFI, which is why the Board has unanimously asked him to take on the responsibility and the assignment. The Board looks forward to continue working with him."

Henrik Bo Nielsen says:

"First and foremost, I am honoured that the Board is entrusting me with the leadership of one of the country’s most important cultural institutions for a new term. It has been a long process, but it has been useful in that the Board and I have both had good opportunities to ensure that we view the DFI's potentials and challenges in the same way. We are in the middle of a time of declining public operating allocations and major market challenges for the film industry, but the ambitions are high, in terms of meeting the nearly one year old Film Agreement but also very much in terms of the possibilities available to the DFI as a national institution of culture. I look forward to solving those tasks together with our competent staff and my colleagues on the Executive Committee."

The Danish Film Institute's Board: Joachim Malling (Chairperson), Susanne Larsen (Vice Chairperson), Kirsten Drotner, Annette Kjær, Søren Friis Møller, Bjarne Andersen and Jesper Boas Smith.

Executive Committee: Henrik Bo Nielsen (CEO), Claus Ladegaard (VP, Film Funding) and Jakob Buhl Vestergaard (VP, Filmhouse).