Hurry Home wins Audience Award

AWARDS Academy Award winner Laurits Munch-Petersen's short film "Hurry Home" (2009) won the Audience Award at the European Independent Film Festival, held in Paris some days ago.

"Hurry Home", selected for CPH DOX in 2009, is one of five films in a series about Denmark's involvement in the war in Afghanistan. The series is produced by Fridthjof Film Doc for the public broadcaster TV 2/Danmark. Moreover the films will be released on DVD.

In a blend of documentary and fiction, "Hurry Home" tells the story of two women Gitte and Susie, who send their men off to war. Only one of the men returns. The film shows how the struggle and challenge of war is not only fought by men afar, but also by the women that are left behind.


European Independent Film Festival

Laurits Munch-Petersen website

Munch-Petersen's graduation film "Between Us"/"Mellem os", produced at the National Film School of Denmark, was an international success and received an Academy Award (Student Oscar) in 2004. His feature film »Ambulancen« / »Ambulance« (2005) received Nordic Film & TV Fund's Feature Pitch Award.

The four remaining films in the series are

"Drengen der ville I krig" by Anders Gustafsson,
"Far, far krigsmand" by Mads Ellesøe
"Krigsminister" by Kasper Torsting
"Sorg" by Ole Bornedal