IDFA launch with The Ambassador

IDFA 2011. Journalist-cum-diplomat Mads Brügger's venture into the Central African Republic opens the world's most important documentary film festival on 16 November in Amsterdam.

"The Ambassador" will be the opening film at the 24th edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). The film will be in the feature-length competition programme.

Engaging once again in role-playing as his favourite method, director Mads Brügger traces the dark side of diplomatic life as it unfolds in one of the world's most worn-down states, the Central African Republic.

Danish documentaries are traditionally strong in numbers at IDFA. The remaining Danish line-up will be announced by the festival on 17 October along with the other films in competition.

"The Ambassador" enjoyed its national release on 5 October.

IDFA 16-27 November 2011

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