Improvisations in new Jonas Elmer film

IN PRODUCTION. Jonas Elmer is about to finish shooting for his new film "IRL", a film based on improvisations which has been a specialty of Elmer's since his Dogme-like feature debut "Let's Get Lost", an icon among the new Danish wave of the 1990s.

Jonas Elmer's upcoming film "IRL" is a story of four people looking for a partner on the internet. A partner to fulfill their dreams, whether it be of true love, casual sex, intimacy, passion or recognition.

The film has no actual script. Instead "IRL" is based on a series of improvisations created together with the actors, including among others Sofie Gråbøl from the Danish crime hit series "The Killing". The result is a string of intimate stories which make up the film's multi-plot structure. 

"'IRL' investigates our urge to satisfy unfulfilled needs and mirrors our passions, desperation and self-deception," Jonas Elmer says.

The team has already finished four weeks of filming, which took place in 2010, and is now wrapping production with two additional weeks of shooting. 

"IRL" is produced by Morten Fisker, Nanna Nikali and Jonas Elmer as a coproduction between Sebasto Film & TV and Bebop Film, and with support from the Danish Film Institute and the national broadcaster TV 2. The film is expected to release in the first half of 2012.  

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