Indie picks for the summer

US RELEASES. Judging by the latest UK ratings, Joshua Oppenheimer's "The Act of Killing" still leaves no critic unaffected. To be released in the US on 19 July, the film is one of four Danish-produced titles on Indiewire's list of best indie picks this summer.

Since it premiered at the Telluride and Toronto festivals last year, Denmark-based director Joshua Oppenheimer's documentary about Indonesia's anti-communist massacres in 1965-66 has reaped rave reviews. 

Now playing in UK cinemas since end of June, "The Act of Killing" continues to attract extraordinary coverage, as shown in this impressive list of five-star reviews: 

★★★★★ "The most compelling thing you'll ever see" – The Guardian
★★★★★ "Fascinating, chilling, but important film" – Independent on Saturday
★★★★★ "Shatteringly powerful" – The Sunday Times
★★★★★ "This might be the most important documentary ever" – The Daily Mail
★★★★★ "Simply the best film of the year" – The Metro
★★★★★ "Like no movie seen before" – The Financial Times
★★★★★ "Unlike anything else out there" – Little White Lies
★★★★★ "Staggeringly original" – Time Out
★★★★★ "A devastating, surreal must-see" – The Evening Standard
★★★★★ "Shocking and surreal" – The Skinny
★★★★★ "A strange and startling documentary" – The Arts Desk
★★★★★ "Challenges the very limitations of what a documentary can be" – CineVue

"The Act of Killing", produced by Final Cut for Real, has already reached theatres in France and Holland, and release dates in the US are set for 19 July (New York) and 26 July (Los Angeles).

Four films on Indiewire's indie list

"The Act of Killing" is but one of four US releases this summer of Danish descent – all of which made it to Indiewire's list of indie "must-sees":

A Hijacking (21 June)
Dir. Tobias Lindholm
... a thriller with contemplative moments, the film teases out anticipation as the pirates must negotiate with officials in Copenhagen.

The Hunt (12 July)
Dir. Thomas Vinterberg
... a harrowing portrayal of a torn community and a man fighting for his dignity against impossible odds.

The Act of Killing (19 July)
Dir. Joshua Oppenheimer
... the most unsettling movie about mass killing since "Shoah."

Only God Forgives (19 July)
Dir. Nicolas Winding Refn
... early screenings make it clear that Kristin Scott Thomas steals the show as Gosling's bloodthirsty gangster mother.

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