Inside game wins four BAFTAs

AWARDS. Danish video game "Inside" won big at the Bafta Game Awards held on Thursday in London. Playdead studio also made a splash with their previous puzzle game, 2010's "Limbo."

Taking the lead at the British Academy Games Awards 2017 on Thursday, 6 April, was Danish developer Playdead and their puzzle platformer "Inside." Nominated in seven categories, the game took home four awards – for Artistic Achievement, Game Design, Narrative and Original Property.

Playdead made their big breakthrough with their previous game, "Limbo" (2010), also a 2D puzzle platformer about a youthful protagonist finding his way in a dark and threatening universe. Both games received development support from the Danish Film Institute's Digital Games Scheme.  

Digital Games

The Danish Film Institute's Digital Games Scheme allocated its first grants in 2008. 

From 2016, the scope was widened to include funding for production and promotion, in addition to the existing focus on development.

In 2016, 28 projects received development funding, while 2 projects received production funding. Game subsidies in 2016 amounted to 12m kroner (approx. 1.6m euro). 

Henrik Bo Nielsen, CEO of the Danish Film Institute who was present at the show in London, says:

"There is reason to be pleased when a Danish game receives international acclaim. Although 'Inside' is up against other games with much bigger budgets, it stands out for its high artistic quality and integrity combined with a uniquely competent execution. It has set a milestone in Danish games, and the four Bafta Awards are a fine manifestation of this."

The four Bafta tropies come after a string of US awards, including two at the Game Developers Choice Award in San Francisco and three at the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences' D.I.C.E Awards in Las Vegas. In 2016, "Inside" was honoured with the title as Best Independent Game at the two major prize events in Los Angeles, the Game Critics Awards and the Game Awards. See reviewers' quotes at Metacritic.

"Uncharted 4" won Bafta's Best Game Award. Read Bafta's full press release.

"Inside" was released in June 2016 for Xbox One, Steam (PC) and PlayStation 4. See more at