The Danish Film Institute's Embassy Film Package

A Taste of Hunger, Zentropa, Photo: Henrik Ohsten.

"[…] spread knowledge of Danish films abroad,"
"[…] provide varied film activities for the general public"
The Danish Film Act 1997


Since 2010, the Danish Film Institute (DFI) has provided Danish Embassies and Consulates around the world with a selection of Danish films for both children and adults in order to disseminate Danish culture abroad. The Embassy film package is made in agreement with the producers and in accordance with international festival rights, and is readily available to be screened in Blu-ray format at local festivals, where the representative is involved. Previous packages included, among others, the Oscar-nominated feature films 'A Royal Affair' and 'The Hunt', the award-winning documentary 'Democrats', and 'Helium', the Oscar-winner of short fiction 2014. In order to respect the rights of the rights holders, representatives will be provided with a set of binding guidelines. For more information on the specific guidelines, and our selection of films, please see below. The Embassy film packages are supported by The Agency for Culture and Palaces.


The guidelines attached to the Embassy film package are both general and specific in relation to each film package. First and foremost, representatives must only use the Embassy film package in connection with non-commercial screenings in order to respect the rights holders of the particular content. In addition to this, every screening should be cleared with the international sales agent and/or local distributor; a screening fee may be applicable in some cases.

These are the general guidelines when using the Embassy film package. However, the guidelines provided with each package can differ if a rights holder has exceptional restrictions regarding screenings of a particular film. Therefore, when provided with the Embassy film package, it is important to look into the guidelines for each film package.

Film content

The film content of the Embassy film package presents a broad spectrum of fiction and documentary, features and shorts, all produced in Denmark. In order to portray the diversity of Danish films, the content of each package has been carefully selected by DFI. In other words, the representatives of the Embassy film package will be able to offer a varied film selection within the genres of fiction, documentary, features, and shorts for both children and adults when provided with the film package.


In order to best screen the films on a local level, the Embassy film package also contains a great variety of subtitles. All films are subtitled in English, and most of the films have more than two subtitled languages attached. Besides English, the languages of the subtitles provided are usually Arabic, Mandarin, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, German, and French. Please note that the languages attached to each film might differ, meaning that some films in a package may have more languages attached than others. 

Film material

It is possible to download additional material for each film provided by the Embassy film package. The additional film material includes stills, posters, trailers, and general information on the particular production. For further information, please refer to the guidelines in the relevant email you received from us.