Jesper Morthorst Producer on the Move

CANNES 2011. He wrote his bachelor thesis on post-revolutionary Iranian film and hooked up with Christoffer Boe's arthouse company in 2008. Now Danish Producer on the Move Jesper Morthorst is ready for his next challenge, a large-scale TV series out this fall.

Jesper Morthorst is among the 25 producers selected for the European Film Promotion's showcase for producer talents. The 12th edition of Producers on the Move will take place during the Cannes Festival, offering one of the world's best networking and promotional platforms for the young film professionals.

Working for several years for Nimbus, Jesper Morthorst is currently at Alphaville Pictures Copenhagen, a company founded by Danish auteur director Christoffer Boe ("Reconstruction", "Everything Will Be Fine"). Last year Morthorst was behind Birgitte Stærmose's critically acclaimed, EFA-nominated short film "Out Of Love" and is now wrapping up his work on Stærmose's first feature film, the ensemble drama "Room 304".

Welcoming a fresh challenge, Morthorst has embarked on a primetime drama series, "Rita", to be aired on the national broadcaster TV 2 later this year.

A close creative partnership with the director is key to Morthorst's work as a producer. "There are a lot of people in the world who can work an Excel spreadsheet. A lot of people can juggle 20-40 million kroner and go 'No, no, no! No helicopter shots!' A good producer to my mind is someone who can do everything else but that. Someone who understands people and can spot talent," Jesper Morthorst says.

Issued shortly is our festival magazine FILM#72 which includes interviews with Morthorst and director on "Room 304" Birgitte Stærmose.

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